Alicia Key's Husband, Swizz Beatz, Laughs Off Haters Saying He Should Be Pissed Over Usher And Alicia's PDA

There were A LOTTT of jokes made after Usher brought out Alicia Keys during the Super Bowl halftime performance. Usher was ALL over Alicia and everyone online was like "how the hell does Alicia Key's husband feel about this??" 

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I mean DAMN! And during 'My Boo'?? But Swizz Beatz proved that he is a real man and he is not insecure in his relationship! He doesn't do negative vibes! You have to keep in mind, Usher does this with like literally every woman. He got Keke Palmer in trouble with her baby daddy because they were dancing together at his show. But unlike Swizz, he was a big baby about it and was insecure!! 

I love that Swizz chimed in and told everyone to calm down. I'm sure they rehearsed it before hand too. No one wants to see their wife being hugged like that by another man. But it's Usher, it's a performance, and there is no need for everyone to get their panties in a twist! It's not like they made out or something.