I Have Started Sex And The City & I'm Here To Say The Fellas Need To Tune In

Dan Callister. Getty Images.

I, much like everyone else out there in the world, happen to be obsessed with television and the many shows that that box on a stand (or flatscreen on a wall if you're rich) enlightens our life with. Shockingly enough I happen to be obsessed with all the "bro classics" like Entourage, Sopranos, Seinfeld, Curb, and more! This past week I even just finished what in my opinion is the most "adult & bro" sitcom I've ever come across in 2 & A Half Men which was fucking AWESOME and if you have to ask I of course just stopped watching after Charlie is thrown off the show. 

So Friday night after watching 8 seasons of 2 dudes and a kid traverse Malibu I was in the mood to begin my next television conquest. What could be the perfect combatant to 2 & A Half Men to balance things out? Sex and the City I thought! Though I was NOT in the mood to begin what I had thought was more of a drama and hour long episodes so I simply googled best sitcoms ever. I found a list that had Sex and the City on it and low and behold….this show was only half hour episodes and a comedy!! Good vibes!! Was I too intimidated to get in touch with my feminine side and pop off on some Sex and the City? Abso-fucking-lotely not. And yes…I'm already quoting Mr. Big.

Now so far I'm only on Season 2 but I am here to tell the fellas out there to NOT be discouraged if they've ever had second thoughts about starting Sex and the City. It's such an easy watch and if you happen to be someone has always enjoyed romcoms about the classic single life in the big city (think How To Be Single or Sleeping With Other people, 2 absurdly underrated movies) then this is literally just those 2 movies come to life in a jolly half hour form. The characters are also names you've always heard growing up like Samantha Jones, Mr. Big, & Carrie Bradshaw so it's interesting to finally see them all in action. Not to mention it's basically just the female NYC version of Entourage which is rock n' roll. Classic HBO as well. So basically all I'm saying is tune in if you haven't dude, I'll be back to report when I finish the series.