The Fact Dave Can't Lift A Basketball Is Not Great For The Free Throw Challenge


Let's cut the shit- this free throw challenge as it stands sounds impossible. Dave legitimately cannot shoot a ball. Nevermind shoot it, he can barely lift it. And that's not even chirping him, his shoulder is held together by dental floss and a prayer. A mild breeze could pop it out of its socket. At Zero Bond the waitress had to cut his steak for him. And somehow he's supposed to make 3 free throws? Good luck with that!

But nevertheless, the free throw challenge is a go, and here are the complete rules:



They can bring in the full Chicago Bulls roster and the fact Dave needs to his number 15, 30, and 41 put them at a huge disadvantage. With only 1 mulligan per round I cannot figure out how this challenge is winnable. Quigs did some NASA math and this was what he concluded: 



I think they will bring in some ringers. But even with ringers, it will come down to Dave's 3 and that is going to fuck them. It doesn't matter if you have Steph Curry going 38/38, Dave going 3/3 seems wildly unlikely. Obviously it's still just THREE, but man, you saw those practice shots, right? Painful.

Tune in at 5pm EST today to watch them try to defy the odds and win this challenge.



Good luck to the fellas!