In No World Should The Commanders Give Up A "Historic Haul" To The Bears For The Number 1 Overall Pick


Listen, if the Commanders do trade up to number 1 and take Caleb Williams, I'll celebrate it like the Thanksgiving Day Parade. There's nothing I want more than a young franchise QB in Washington. That being said, in no world should the Commanders give the Bears a "historic haul" to slide up one slot in order to do it. 

This is how I look at it- the NFL Draft is still a crapshoot. You can miss on guys you were positive about, and get lucky on guys you took a flier on. There is no exact science to the draft, especially at the QB position. I mean shit, you only need to go back to last season to see how impossible the Draft is. The Panthers gave up a HAUL to take Bryce Young number 1, and CJ Stroud went number 2. We all saw how that worked out this last year. Not saying Bryce can't eventually be good, but for a team to give up SO MUCH and miss, that can set your franchise back 5 years. 

And that's where I'm at with Washington. They would have to be so, so, so, so positive Caleb Williams is lightyears better than Drake Maye, and I think that's impossible based on how many variables are uncontrollable when it comes to making the jump from the college ranks to the pros. 

And I get what the Bears are doing- by saying they want a "historic haul" they are insinuating Caleb 100% IS THAT GUY. It's very smart by them, but risky. Because they run the risk of pricing everyone out (if they actually want to trade down at all). The mind games the Bears will be playing for the next couple of months are meticulous and risky. They need to appear open to a move even if they fully plan on taking Caleb number 1. And shit, maybe they don't even know their plan yet. It very well could be all up in the air until draft day.

Regardless of what the Bears "plan" on doing, I want the Commies to sit at 2 and take Maye. I won't be disappointed if it's Jayden Daniels either. But giving up multiple first rounders and a player like Daron Payne for a crapshoot that Caleb Williams is the next great QB is not worth the risk in my opinion. The QB job is simply too impossible in the NFL and teams miss far too often on picks. Keep the "historic haul", take Maye number 2, build the Oline, and hope it's not a mistake.