Beyonce Announced A New Country Style Album During Her Super Bowl Commercial (Out March 29)

During this admittedly funny commercial for Verizon, Beyonce does her best to "break the internet." Verizon's internet is of course, unbreakable, leaving Beyonce no choice but to head to the MOON and drop a new album. I laughed, thought fondly of how I do love Beyonce, and didn't actually think the album drop was real. 

BOY WAS I WRONG! Thanks to the Bey Hive I follow on Twitter, I was directed to where she announced she does in fact have a new album coming out, "act ii" on March 29th. She also released two BRAND NEW SONGS from the album right away and buckle up cowboys and girls, 'YONCE HAS GONE COUNTRY.

Not only are the songs great, I'm VERY excited for this new version of Beyonce. Lost in my other celebrity fandoms are the days where I would eat, sleep and breathe the Lemonade album, or sing Independent Woman pt 2 alone in my basement when I was 12. Renaissance was of course incredible, but I'd be lying if I said it was my favorite album or my favorite genre of music. I liked it!!!! It just wasn't Lemonade!!! Anyway, as a Texas girl from Alabama/Louisiana, it's high time our girl has taken a walk down the country lane. Daddy Lessons on Lemonade is fantastic and it seems to be that this album will be written in the same tune/tone. 

Other fans are thinking this could include the long awaited part 2 of Telephone with Gaga??? I honestly forgot we were even waiting, but that would be tremendous. People would explode. 

WE SHALL SEE!!! I have a feeling it's going to be a FABULOUS spring for new music. QUEENS STAY QUEENS.