'Worry About The Sorry Ass Jets' - 49ers Charvarius Ward Promptly Tried To Start A Twitter War With Sauce Gardner After Losing The Super Bowl

Let this be a lesson. Never, ever get on Twitter after losing the biggest game of your career. You're a multi-millionaire. You're a pro athlete. Instead you get caught trying to start a Twitter war with Sauce Gardner and having to delete a tweet. You can't delete this tweet if you're Ward either. Own it. I don't even think it's a bad tweet by Sauce. He's right. The 49ers looked better on paper. They looked better than the Chiefs basically the entire year, but the Chiefs are impossible to kill in the playoffs. He wasn't calling the 49ers frauds or the dreaded c-word going around. Chokers. 

Nope, he was just saying the Chiefs always find a way to win with some emojis, because, well, I still don't know why people use emojis all the time. I do love that Ward didn't hold back at all either. Just immediately going to the Jets suck and Sauce Gardner isn't sniffing the playoffs. That's why you can't delete it. You look way worse when you delete a tweet flying off the rails instead of just keeping it up. That's soft, which is just as bad as being a choker. 

Again, the main point here is why the hell would you go on Twitter after losing a game, let alone the Super Bowl? You're in Vegas. Go drink with your teammates and scream about missed opportunities there. We're talking about a starter here, this isn't a fan getting upset. This isn't a fan yelling about coverage or a missed extra point or the defense giving up the touchdown or coaching decisions. Ward hopped on Twitter, looked at Sauce Gardner's tweet and flew off the handle. Again, I respect the move to immediately scream the Jets are ass, but deleting it makes it null and void.