The 2024 Taco Bell Menu Reveal Was An Absolute SHOW That Trumped Any Apple Event And Included Announcements For Baja Blast Pie, Cheez-It Crunchwraps + Much More

Now THIS is the innovation the world has been missing on ever since Tim Apple went from adding a bunch of sweet technology to the iPhone to making it stale while stripping it of core features (yes I am an Old that is still mad about the hardwire headphone jack being removed). Just an absolute, to borrow a phrase, electric factory from beginning to end.

I've long said that Taco Bell being able to create intriguing new foods out of the same dozen or so ingredients never ceased to amaze me. Yet it seems the mad lads in the TB test kitchen decided to go to the next level by taking some of our favorite items and remixing them altogether. 

This could be because I am a lowly idiot smut blogger that simply covers this type of trailblazing or because I stick with the lowest mg dosage of 3Chi. But I can't even fathom how you dream up something like a Baja Blast Pie let alone create it, not to mention the ingenuity that comes with blowing up a Cheez-It to the size of a human hand then sticking it in a Crunchwrap and adding chicken nuggets to the Taco Bell stable full time. Once again, Baltimore sage Slim Charles perfectly broke down the current state of the fast food game.

I have no clue how to get credentialed for next year's event. But me, my Ziti brother Eddie, and some of the other people in this company with exquisite taste buds that can truly appreciate the disruptor that Taco Bell has become need to see the 2025 Live Mas event in person.