Jason Kelce Solidified Himself As The Star Of The Chiefs Party The Moment He Put On A Wrestling Mask And Danced His Ass Off All Over The Place

I know there's the whole question about whether Jason Kelce will actually retire and what will he do with all his free time. You're looking at it. Put on a Rey Mysterio mask and start dancing, with impeccable moves I must say too. Forgot the whole pro athlete thing, he's embracing two roles perfectly here. 1) The older brother and 2) a father's dance moves. Specifically the belly roll move, that's reserved for a certain time and place. Your brother's Super Bowl party is for sure one of them. 

Whether it was drinking and jumping around in Buffalo to this, he's doing his part. You don't know how many Super Bowl titles you'll get to celebrate as a player or the family of a player. Gotta embrace every single one them and soak it all in. Plus, it helps being out in Vegas. You don't think Jason Kelce was going to party out there? 

Now back to the outfit. Is there a more known masked man than Rey Mysterio? Dude has been wrestling around here since 1996! Still remember when he came in back in the WCW days and lost his mask. Shocking twist that he didn't really love that move! You see a lucha libre mask like that, you instantly think Mysterio. You could tell me Kane at one point was the most famous masked man, perhaps Mankind, but tough when they have characters without the mask. Thank you for coming to my wrestling masked man talk. 

I know everyone is going to talk about Travis Kelce singing Taylor Swift to Taylor Swift at the party here, but we need a moment to appreciate Jason Kelce. This is a man who looks like he was left in charge of Travis for the first time and just gave up 5 minutes in. Also gonna bookmark that belly roll move for the next wedding I'm at.