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Andy Reid Needs A Goddamn Cheeseburger And He Needs It Now

It's no surprise that this is his answer. Andy Reid does few things consistently. He wins Super Bowls (as the Chiefs coach), he wears Hawaiian shirts when he can and he wants cheeseburgers after the biggest wins of his career. 

I don't know if a coach has done a bigger turn than Reid than what he was with the Eagles to what he is with the Chiefs. You can say Belichick from the Browns, but very few people are old enough to remember that. It's Andy Reid. The guy couldn't win with the Eagles. He was a good coach but never one who would get the Super Bowl trophy. Now he has 3. He's an elite coach. He is arguably the best in the game right now. It's also a man who survived this. 

He's even making jokes about it as I watch him do a press conference! He has bad balance. All I know is the man wants a cheeseburger. Who can blame him? Cheeseburgers are delicious. Get some with cheddar cheese, a little bit of bacon, throw every tomato in the trash and add some blue cheese crumbles. Spice it up with a little aioli and spicy pickles and you got yourself a perfect cheeseburger. That's what the man wants. Dry him off, stop interviewing him and let the man eat a goddamn cheeseburger! 

Side note: Look at Boomer. This is what a friend does. A friend brings you some burgers on set.