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Patrick Mahomes Is The Best Quarterback To Ever Live

Before all of you Patriots fans get your panties in a bunch Tom Brady is still the GOAT (for now) but Patrick Mahomes will be the best quarterback we ever see in our life time. 

One of the most clutch quarterbacks but just his ability alone is why he is the best we will see. He has one good reciever on his team and lets be real and he had the hardest road to the Super Bowl in his career and he did it with ease. Mahomes had an amazing defense but the defense didn't win this Super Bowl, he won this making every single hard play. The defense definitely helped but we all just need to take a look at that offensive side of the ball and look at the weapons. Rookie wide receiver, Kelce, and Pacheko. After that they have absolutely nobody and Patrick Mahomes made them all somebody. 

And the Chiefs are going to win three in a row, you might as well bet them to win next year at +750 right now. Mahomes is going to end up with more Super Bowls than Brady. He's still only 28 with 3 rings already and you know he has at least 10 more years in him, plus Andy Reid will stick around as long as Mahomes is there. All I am trying to say is we will never see a more talented quarterback in our life time so enjoy it while we can.