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GENIUS: Twitter Is Somehow Losing Its Mind That Mecole Hardman Predicted That His Team Would Beat The 49ers In The Super Bowl (He Said This As A Jet)

This is the tweet. This is the one that has everyone losing their mind. Just look at quote tweets and replies. 

Look at this genius man! I can't believe it. Mecole Hardman somehow knew he'd be let go and sent back to Kansas City and they would beat the Chiefs. This is the type of thing we're going crazy for? Everywhere I looked after he caught the game winning touchdown people started going nuts about this. What am I missing? He knew the 49ers (a favorite) would be in the Super Bowl. Oh, 31-21? That's not even the score! It was 25-22. We're giving credit for this one? 

I can't believe this is Mecole Hardman though. This is the man that Clem has lived and died with. This is the man that Clem has talked about nonstop. Let's check in. 

Why are we giving him credit for this? The Jets fucking stink. They don't have a quarterback. They don't have anything besides being allowed to play in the stadium that the Giants play in. Dude should just always be a Chief. He's the perfect WR3 for them. And now he won them a Super Bowl. I'm here to hold everyone accountable. Oz the Mentalist is a wizard, but this isn't one to give credit for.