Its Officially Time For All Swifties To Summon Our Powers And Win Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Another Super Bowl

CALLING ALL SWIFTIES, this is it. Not only are our powers needed for the good of a game, and for all the fine people in Kansas City as well as the degenerate gamblers making bets in favor of the Chiefs tonight, but we need this win for US. Travis Kelce is, by law, an extension of Taylor Swift at this point and why does everything work out perfectly for Taylor? Because we support her. We use every ounce of energy in our witch bodies to watch this woman succeed. When she succeeds, we succeed. We need this win not only to show her we support her happiness, but to show the Dads, Brads and Chads that we aren't going anywhere. We've infiltrated your little game, we've made it better, and we're never going to let you forget it. No offense to the 49ers, who I'm sure are deserving....but this one belongs to us.

Get out your candles, your friendship bracelets, your crystals - any preferred conduit to witchcraft. Set your clocks to midnight. There is still plenty of time to find a hidden enclosure in the nearest wood to hold hands in a circle, chanting "BABY LET THE GAMES BEGIN" with our Chiefs x Taylor merch. WE are the first string, WE are the A team. We will prevail. 

Life is a willow, and it bends right to our wind.