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Travis Kelce Gave A Speech To The Chiefs Team Last Night And It Was Apparently So Powerful His Teammates Were In Tears

What in the world could have he said to bring his teammates to tears? I feel like people have their opinion on Travis Kelce. Like he is a dumb football player but every player you talk to absolutely loves him. This is a huge reason why I am betting on this Chiefs team because of the experience. They have all been together for a long time and the fact that they can get their third Super Bowl win in 5 years is absolutely absurd. 

I believe that speeches can actually win you a game. I want to know what Jason Heyward said in the rain delay during the Cubs World Series game. I think if that rain delay and speech don't happen they never break the curse. I don't know how you see this tweet and not picture that Chiefs team weeping and wanting to run through a brick wall. The 49ers have everything to lose today, they don't know when they will get back to the Super Bowl and they have a quarterback in his 2nd year that has not ever experienced a big game like this. The words that are being used to describe this speech it must have been the best speech in the history of the world. Powerful and unbelievable is insane to describe anything so I am all in on the chiefs now.