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Anyone Heckling Zach Johnson About His Ryder Cup Captaincy At The WMPO Is Committing Treason

I'm serious. That's treason right there. I'm not sure exactly what was said to ZJ but if you're heckling Zach Johnson (a Masters champion, a British Open champion, a Payne Stewart Award winner) about his Ryder Cup captaincy then you're a treasonous scumbag who doesn't love this country. Simple as that. And listen, I get that the Ryder Cup in Italy didn't exactly go as planned. Zach made some mistakes. We can pick through the decisions ZJ made or the match ups he picked with a fine tooth comb all day but it won't do us any good. Hand up. Zach Johnson made some wrong decisions that week at Marco Simone. 

But one thing he did correctly was be born in the greatest country God has ever created. Zach Johnson is an American. He's one of us. He was born in the bread basket of this country. And in this country, we support each other through the good times and the bad times. At least that's what I thought we did in this country. It makes me weep for this great nation when I see Americans attacking other Americans over petty mistakes. Not to mention this is exactly what those sons of bitches across the pond want us to be doing. Fighting amongst ourselves instead of focusing on the goal ahead. I won't tolerate it.

So if you've never made a mistake in your entire life, feel free to heckle Zach Johnson about the mistakes he's made. Otherwise let's come together as Americans, support each other and make sure we kick the shit out of Team Europe when the Ryder Cup comes to Bethpage in 2025.