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Late Night Steph Magic Strikes Again After Curry Buries The Suns With An Incredible 30ft Game Winner

Lachlan Cunningham. Getty Images.

Unreal. What more is there to say about Steph Curry that hasn't already been said? He's not real. Every single person on the planet knew that ball was going to Steph Curry and every single one knew that if he was able to get the shot off, it was going in. No doubt about it. You give Steph Curry more than 0.3 seconds, he's going to bury you. Steph Magic exists for a reason, which is why that final shot was the most predictable shot of all time. This is what Late Night Steph Curry is all about. Not only is that guy one of the most unstoppable and entertaining forces in basketball, Late Night Steph Curry might be the most unstoppable thing in all of sports. Trust me, I've lived through it. 

That's the thing I'll maybe remember most about Steph. He's the final boss, just impossible to kill. When you think you finally have him beat, you don't. In reality, you get a prayer game-winning 3 right in your eyeball like only Steph can do. Then the next thing you know he's either shimmying right in your face or he's putting you to sleep. It's all so deflating when it happens against you, so I feel for Suns fans. I'm sure they thought they had this one in the bag after that Devin Booker jumper, but unfortunately for them, they let Steph get another touch. You never give Steph one last touch, we all know what comes next when that happens and tonight was just more of the same.

A cool 30/9/6 for Steph and don't look now but the Warriors are on a bit of a run. They've won 4 in a row and 7 of their last 10, and with Steph Curry as good as he's ever been, maybe GS has another run in them.