"50K" Dan Ige Does It Again - SLEEPS Andre Fili In The First Round Of Tonight's Co-Main Event

Dan fucking Ige! This guy is a DAWG. He's a warrior! 

"50K" Ige DEFINITELY just earned himself another one of those 50K bonuses with this first round knockout over Andre "Touchy" Fili - someone he trains with and admittedly didn't even want to fight tonight. He was originally scheduled to face Lerone Murphy, who withdrew due to injury, and then Fili stepped in on short notice.

It's gotta be such a tricky situation to fight a friend and then have to put them to sleep like this, too. I mean that follow up shot was BRUTAL. Completely starched him. If you're on the winning end of a knockout like that, you're probably gonna watch it over and over again for the rest of your life. When it's your buddy, though, I wonder if there's a liiiittle guilt that creeps in the 100th time you watch it.

Ige mentioned in his post-fight interview that he didn't want to hit Fili with the second punch (on the ground), but felt he needed to put a stamp on this win. He even said Fili has messed him up in sparring before, so he knew he had to get the job done quick. It was a perfect performance from one of the most exciting fighters at 145, and the best finish we've seen all night. Hopefully they rebook that fight with Lerone Murphy when he's healthy.

Main event Joe Pyfer vs Jack Hermansson up next! Still no sign of Elon Musk. I'm starting to think he's standing us up.