Kentucky Is Dead. Kentucky Died The Dumbest, Saddest Way Possible.

Fuck everything about this team, this play, this game and this program. Three straight losses at home. Let me be more clear - three straight embarrassing losses at home. You lose to Florida because Cal doesn't foul up 3 once the clock gets to under 9 seconds/Reed gets lost. You lose to Tennessee because the team doesn't show up. You lose to Gonzaga because the players don't show up for the first half and Cal draws up a lob with the game on the line. How is this the fucking play? Why does Reed throw it? Why do you not attack the rim like you have been all game? 

This is it. This is the end of the Kentucky program that I know. You lose 3 straight at home in embarrassing fashion. You start a Civil War because Cal can't get the team in position and the defense is so easy that any commentator can score. You have players who think they can show up and just win. Everyone is at fault and it's embarrassing to anything related to Kentucky. 

It's fucking over. Unless they win a title, it's over. Cal needs to figure it the fuck out. This defense is unacceptable. The players need to figure it the fuck out too. Shocking, I know, you can blame both sides. Grab a loose ball one time for me. Grab a rebound one time for me. Stop being a walking sign on defense. Cal, figure it out. 

I don't even care that Rob wasn't in the game at the end. He was awful, this was the 5 who brought you back in the game. At some point, someone needs to step up. Instead Cal folded, Reed threw a dogshit pass and everyone in the first half was shit. This is it. Kentucky is dead.