Bogdan Guskov Just Knocked Out Zac Pauga And Hit Him 4 Times On The Way Down

Jeeeeesus. That was like a Mortal Kombat/Street Fighter style combo! Bogdan Guskov just went into full on target-practice mode on Zac Pauga's head, knocking him out in the very first round at the UFC Apex tonight.

He rocked him with these shots....

….I'm pretty sure Guskov put Pauga out with this one, behind the ear….

….and then he went in for FOUR MORE SHOTS while Pauga was on his way down to the canvas….

Bogdan Guskov made his UFC debut this past September against a former title contender and very tough opponent in Volkan Oezdimir, and got submitted in the first round - but the big son of a bitch just let it be known that he's got some serious power in his hands. He does, as this tweet points out, look like a Batman goon, tho….

One of those "IT'S DA BAT!" guys waiting on the rooftop of a skyscraper for no discernible reason.

Prior to the Guskov fight, we saw an AWESOME scrap between Hyder Amil and Fernie Garcia that is definitely the Fight of the Night thus far….

….and still to follow: Elon Musk.

Maybe Musk/Zuck is the big UFC 300 main event everyone's waiting for!