'We Are So Below Our Standard Right Now' - Dan Hurley Lost His Damn Mind Because UConn Was Only Beating Georgetown By ... 25

Finish the sentence Dan! And no this isn't the clip of him losing his mind. This is just him motivating his team. Foot on the gas, foot up their ass. Print the shirts, sell the shirts. Anywho, we know Dan Hurley is a goddamn lunatic and I mean that in the most sincere way possible. I have a soft spot for crazy people - as coaches, not necessarily in any other form of work. But this is the moment that should remind everyone that UConn is just going to be awesome with Hurley there. Fuck. That hurt to type out. 

But you see there's more than videos. People caught him on the mic saying this: 

Dan Hurley won't rest until UConn is beating Georgetown by 100. Good. That's how it should be. I know it doesn't seem this way, because Georgetown fucking stinks out loud, but this is a rivalry. At least it was a rivalry. Can't be a rivalry when someone is disgusted to be up 25 at your place. You also have a little personal rivalry from the Rhode Island days with Providence/URI and Cooley. At least Cooley is still rich as shit, because he can't coach this team. This team's talent is that bad yet they look like Ewing is still coaching. 

Oh and if that's not enough: 

Let's be very clear, there's nothing quiet about how much Georgetown sucks. It's talked about daily .. and it should be. This was a once-proud program. I've seen them make Final Fours. I've seen them collapse in the first round as a popular title winner pick. Titus talked about it on his show and he's 100% right. Cooley can lean into the villain thing as much as he wants, but it only works if you actually win. So yeah we should be mocking him all the time for yelling at students that he's rich as shit while blowing another game. 

Fucking hilarious to see Hurley lose his mind though and the scorebug pop up and show 72-47. Disgusting! Foot on the gass, foot up their ass.