Guy Wins 3v1 MMA Fight After Getting Absolutely MAULED In The First Round

How it started:

How it's going:

I'll be honest - I initially saw these clips out of order, watching the finish first - and I wasn't all that impressed. 

It just looked like a big guy beating up on a couple helpless idiots - much like The Dozen last night. 

Even tho the one guy is at a personnel disadvantage, he's obviously in a much bigger weight class than his opponents, so I figured this was an easy fight just set up for the 3v1 gimmick that is somehow commissioned by someone internationally. 

Then, like a Tarantino movie, I went back to the beginning next - and my jaw dropped. 

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Not only did the three tiny guys seem to know how to fight….they fucking WALLOPED the big guy in the opening round! Full on jumped him like they were trying to kill him! 

The big guy somehow survived the initial assault (having only one brief moment of success where he tossed the little guys off of him) and made it to the second round, where he quickly choked one of his opponents out with a guillotine off a failed takedown attempt. 

From that moment on it was Billy Madison playing dodgeball….

I think both of his opponents knew they were fucked as soon as it was a 2v1, and it was just a matter of time until the big man laid an ass whoopin on them. One of the tiny fellas sunk in what looked like a pretty tight rear naked choke at one point, but I don't think he had the arm strength to complete it. He was kinda built like me. 

Another choke followed for the second win of the fight (funny sentence), and at that point, if I'm the sole tiny guy in there alone with fucking Ivan Drago, I'm legitimately trying to escape the cage….

Obviously, the final guy got choked out as well - completing one of the most insane comebacks I've ever seen in a cage. What a clip.

I wish our commission would approve 3v1 fights at Rough N Rowdy. Imagine something like me, Spider, and Vibbs against Will Compton? Yeah, it would look like a National Geographic documentary about lion maulings, but it'd be entertaining as hell. You'd watch.

Anyway, credit to the big guy for displaying the second best chin I've seen today, after Sneako….

Shoutout caposa/@Grabaka_Hitman on Twitter for the clips - must follow for MMA fans.