Jake Paul Challenges Sean Strickland To A Fight After He Beat The Shit Out Of Sneako - And Strickland Accepts?

Oh boy. 

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After seeing Sean Strickland beat the shit out of Sneako earlier today, Jake Paul took it upon himself to stand up for the streamer - challenging the former UFC Middleweight Champ to a million dollar fight in Puerto Rico. 

Jake claims he's doing this just because he doesn't like bullies and Strickland is a bully (very Steve Rogers of him), but it's probably just a publicity stunt for his Betr company and new anti-bullying foundation, both tagged/mentioned in his callout….

I'm not hating on the anti-bullying stuff, that's all fine and dandy, respect to him - but let's call this what it is: a publicity stunt. 

We all know Dana White and the UFC are not interested in letting contracted fighters fly down to Puerto Rico to spar Jake Paul for a million dollars, but Jake continues to go on social media to challenge them, and then calls them pussies when they can't legally accept. It's an old routine at this point. There's not an ounce of Paul that believes this could ever happen.

Only issue with this one? Sean Strickland miiiight just be crazy enough to just go rogue, break his contract, and fly down to fight Jake. I mean, he's currently on Twitter talking about how much he wishes murder was allowed….

It's hard to predict what Sean Strickland is gonna do next when even Sean Strickland doesn't know what he's gonna do next! That's not a schtick, that's not him playing a character - that's just Sean Strickland. 

Hell, this all started when he didn't hold back AT ALL on Sneako at all today….

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I'll be honest, I don't know much about Sneako (other than the fact that he's very famous online) or why he agreed to do this - but god damn, we now know he can take a hell of a beating! 

It's crazy how long he stayed in there and ate clean shots without going down, even while he boys were throwing towels like they were doing laundry. 

Also credit to the ref - UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin - for stepping in before Sean Strickland flat out killed him…but I digress.

As of right now, it seems we're all in agreement that this could never happen….

….but again - Strickland is as big a wildcard as they come. He may be over this beef already, or he may wake up tomorrow and book a flight to Puerto Rico. Only time will tell. 

I'm just over Jake Paul calling out contracted UFC fighters. If you're gonna be a boxer, go box. 

P.S. Dana took the boys out gambling last night and everyone won again! 

According to Austin's story, 11 people entered, 11 people came out winners. Insane. 

You just gotta say how much you want to win - and then you win! What a world.

me watching my coworkers win tens of thousands of dollars with my uncle dana