Pray For The 49ers, Who Are The First Team To Ever Have To Deal With A Fire Alarm Getting Pulled At Their Hotel

ESPN -- During his availability, McCaffrey made it clear he didn't believe the alarm was set off by accident.

"I think there's no way it's random," McCaffrey said. 

..."I'm sure somebody did it," Bosa said. "It kind of reminded me of Philly when they had this construction going on outside. It was early in the morning and they were like demolishing a bridge right outside of our hotel. We haven't had the best luck. But no excuses."

The fire alarm was the latest wrench thrown in what's already been something of a trying run up to Sunday for the Niners. They have been and remain unhappy about the condition of the practice fields they have used at UNLV this week.

Well well well. It wouldn't be another day that ends in "Y" if it weren't the San Francisco 49ers finding something to bitch about. 

Never in my life have I seen a group of grown men be so damn fragile about any little inconvenience that comes their way. They act as if the entire world is orchestrating against them. And while that may be the case, it's only because they are so gosh dang unlikable that they force everyone to root for their demise. 

It's the Super Bowl, guys. This shit happens every single year. Some dick bag locals figure out what hotels the teams are staying at, pull the fire alarm, rinse and repeat. The 49ers aren't the first team this has ever happened to, they surely won't be the last. But that's not going to stop them from loading this up in their rolodex of excuses if shit doesn't go their way on Sunday. 

What's hilarious, too, is that the fire alarm was pulled at 6am. Buncha prima donnas, I'll tell you. How about these guys try to be any ol' regular, blue-collar, hard working American? For most of America, waking up at 6am could be considered sleeping in. But for the precious little 49ers who clearly need their beauty sleep, that 6am wake up call feels like they're getting shot in their sleep. Welcome to reality, fellas. Go Chiefs.