Is It Normal To Never Fart In Front Of The Woman You're Going To Marry?

On the last ep of the bracket, we debated what the most foolproof laugh is. One of the many options was the #1 seeded farts. That's where Dana dropped this insane nugget that he has NEVER farted in front of his fiance. Not once! On top of that, he also runs the shower whenever he drops the kids off at the pool but that's another issue for another time. 

Personally, I think this is almost like committing marital fraud. Dana has sold himself to his fiance as a guy that doesn't fart. Something that all know is a lie just by looking at him. To me, that is basically selling a car with a faulty exhaust that will only start fucking up emissions after you buy it. 

I think there are certain barriers of politeness you just need to shatter before you marry someone and farting is one of them. What are you gonna do? Put on airs for the rest of your life???? Walk on eggshells because you're afraid your partner doesn't know the real you? Madness. 

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