I Promise You Will Never Be Able To Guess What This British Parliament Member Is Upset About

When I saw this tweet from a member of Britain's House of Lords, I was certain something was going horribly wrong across the pond. Maybe a company ran a bad advertisement in the wake of the news about King Charles? Or there's some sort of insider trading scandal going on?

Nope. If I gave you 1,000 guesses, you'd never be able to get close to what Lord Bethell is so incensed about.

That's right, folks. This elected official is upset that Domino's is putting a Cadbury egg inside a chocolate chip cookie. And Lord Bethell is not just mildly perturbed about this. He had a four-tweet thread about it, using the words "disgusting" and "ashamed" in all four.

I'm not thoroughly abreast of all that's going on in the United Kingdom at the moment, but if it's anything at all like the United States, I'd be willing to guess it has a few problems more pressing than this Cadbury cookie issue. Also, I have to guess most of his constituents would be at least interested, if not excited about this development. I'm not a Cadbury Creme Egg guy personally, but don't they love those things in England? This Domino's creation is gonna go crazy.

I want the clip of the disgusting, egregious dessert being discussed in parliament. This used to be the empire upon which the Sun would never set and now they have Cadbury eggs embedded in chocolate chip cookies. King George would roll over in his grave.