The People's King: Joel Dahmen Threw Some Money Into The Stands On 16 At The Waste Management For Fans To Buy Even More Beer

You wanna talk about a man who gets it? Look no further than Joel Dahmen. We know 16 is the party hole. We know the Waste Management is the People's Open. It's only fitting for this man to return to 16 and throw some shirts and cash into the crowd

Mike Mulholland. Getty Images.

I don't care if any part of this was sponsored content or not even his money. If you don't like Joel Dahmen, fuck off. Dude was arguably the star of Full Swing season 1. He's someone who is always willing to help people buy beer. 

I know it's cliche, but 16 at the Waste Management is still bucket list shit for me. I've been lucky enough to see Augusta that was number 1. I've gotten to play Kiawah, go do that if you can. But 16 at the Waste Management? Those are my people. That's the type of environment I want to see just once. That said, I don't want to do this. 

I'll say it all the time. I don't care who you are, getting a free drink is a tier 1 feeling. It just tastes different when someone does the work for you basically. You get to sit back, enjoy a cold beer and tell your pal you'll get the next round. A simple feeling, but a great one nonetheless. Now you're at a place where beers are needed. You can't be sipping water on 16 at the Waste Management. You need to go get that beer. Dahmen takes care of that for you, plus you get a shirt. You see people at sporting events? People go fucking bananas for t-shirts that cost like $5 and are always XXL. 

Need Dahmen in contention on Sunday on 16. Place will lose their mind for him there.