Is TikTok Manipulating The Algorithm To Spread Anti-Taylor Swift Videos So They Don't Have To Make A Deal With UMG To Host Her Music On The Platform?

Every once in a while I see someone go off on a conspiracy theory that sounds pretty legitimate, and this is one of those times. For those who don't realize, Tiktok and UMG are fighting right now over the fact that Tiktok doesn't want to enter an appropriate deal with UMG that allows artists to be paid appropriately for the distribution of its music. As a result, UMG has pulled ALL of its artists songs from the app, Taylor Swift included. 

What's interesting about this theory above, is pointing out the extremely fast switch up on Taylor Swift, specifically on Tiktok. This person is right - it's one thing to be salty that your favorite artist didn't win a Grammy for something, but the sheer volume of hate is SO unwarranted and sudden, it's becoming suspicious. Truly, this week alone Taylor has been attacked for her music, attacked for her "carbon footprint," and it's generally a full blown rewind back to 2016/2017 when, for legitimately no reason at all, people decided they hated Taylor, and wanted to spread that hate as far and as wide as possible. It didn't make sense then, and it doesn't make sense now. 

What DOES make sense, is the idea that Tiktok is actively trying to fuck with Taylor's fandom, so UMG has less to bargain with when they come back to the table concerning the artists' music on the platform. I genuinely believe that this a real possibility. I believe that Tiktok is the scariest app - it has the most power, the "people behind it" are mostly nameless and faceless, and they seem to have unfettered access and control over what people consume. Even I have been seeing anti-Taylor videos, when my account is essentially a Taylor FAN account. It's being pushed to audiences that don't want it, that don't make sense - and for what? To make it look like that's how the majority of the world feels. To DEVALUE Taylor, as well as all of these other artists. Pretty insane to think about.

Just another day in Taylor's life, being devalued by those who are afraid of her success. I don't know if this woman will ever get the respect she deserves. I think that's why the Swifties go so hard for her - we need to make up for all of the senseless, jealous, small people who can't handle that someone in this world is more important to the masses, than they are.