A DISGUSTING Act: Ronaldo Cries At Messi Chants, Loses Match And Rubs Opposing Scarf All Over His Junk Walking To The Locker Room

So yesterday we had a match between Ronaldo and Al Hilal, rivals, all that stuff. Really the biggest highlight was Undertaker setting the tone with this: 

But then the match happened and what do you know? Ronaldo lost and acted like a giant cry baby. Man gets this rattled by Messi chants? Buddy, what do you expect? You play pro soccer, everyone knows the best way to rattle you is say Messi is better. Shit, all you gotta do is mention his name and Ronaldo breaks down in tears and freaks out. Pretty sad if you ask me. No shit you're there and Messi isn't. Messi made the smart move, he came to the MLS. A real league! 

But there was more than that. We saw an act so disgusting, so vile that Randy Moss could actually expose his ass and it wouldn't be as bad. 

Disgusting! Show some respect, Ronaldo. Spare me the 'oh they threw some water at him' or you shouldn't throw scarves at opposing players. Welcome to soccer rivalries. This is basically like rink basketball level in terms of shithousery that happens in soccer. The man played at Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus yet can't handle this? Has me ready to put Pulisic above him in the all time greatness rankings. 

Someone teach the man how to deal with adversity. He's getting paid hundreds of millions of dollars to play in this league and wants to cry when he gets heckled? Not a good look for trying to say soccer players aren't tough. All they have to do is point to Ronaldo. Hope everyone chants Messi at him every match just to rattle him.