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Dave Portnoy, Dana White, PFT, Big Cat, And The Bussin Boys Created Maybe The Greatest Blackjack Table Of All Time .. And All Won

So the story of Barstool in Vegas this week has been leading up to Dave finally getting to play blackjack with Taylor Lewan and Will Compton, one of which is apparently up $700k this week playing in the VIP room. They gave him a $2 million marker after the Bussin fellas made the most ludicrous statement of all time by saying "you just say out loud how much you want to win then it happens" and Dave said he wanted to make $200k. Tensions were high before the tables:

Spoiler alert... they won? It's currently 3:30 AM as I write this blog and I guess it's just raining fucking money in Vegas tonight??? 

I guess the rich all got richer? Maybe the Bussin boys were right. Should have gotten Pete in the room and given him some money to upgrade the WiFi in the NYC office but I digress.