BREAKING: Sixers Trade Patrick Beverley To The Bucks (According To PatBev Podcast Pres. By Barstool Sports)

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BELT TO ASS…to Milwaukee. 

Damn. It's a real shame because A) Pat Bev is a helluva veteran presence and any team is objectively better with him on their squad. But, more importantly, 2) Pat Bev became everything Philadelphia wants and/or needs in an athlete in just half a season in the city. He is PERFECT for Philly. Brings it 100% every night. Tells it how it is. Pat Bev just gets IT.

It's a shame Pat Bev was only on a 1-year deal with the Sixers which made him the tradiest of baits, but it also might mean the Pat Bev experience may not be over in the City Of Brotherly Love. Why not run it back next year with everyone healthy and a zillion dollars/assets to improve the Sixers? Exactly. Sixers get back Cam Payne who isn't the shabbiest of shabby. 

Enjoy chasing a ring this year and dealing with Doc, Pat. We'll all meet again. Cue it.