You Will Never Love Something As Much As Charles Barkley Loves Watching Auburn Kick Alabama's Ass

That right there is pure joy. That's a man who loves nothing more than seeing Auburn kick Alabama's ass. I know he called Auburn the inferior stepchild, but that was talking about football. We're talking basketball here. Barkley doesn't want to play football, so we'll let it slide. When Auburn is throwing down windmills in the first half of one of the more hyped up games, you know there's true hate. Good. I don't care how famous you are, how far removed from college you are, if you have ties to a college, you should hate the everliving shit out of your rival.

Even more? I love that Barkley just acts like a normal ass dude here. Sure, a normal ass dude who is famous and rich, but still. That reaction is the same you or I would have on our couches. It's the silent version of let's go. You know you can't pull out a windmill dunk anymore, so you do what you can. Arms raised, yelling at the top of your lungs. Oh and Chuck? Ball knower.

You can laugh at his guarantees, but he knows Auburn. He knows they will never be Alabama in football and he knows when an ass kicking is coming in basketball. 

Still think Chuck's best moment of just reacting to something is the Jenkins three in 2016. 

One of the greatest basketball players to ever walk on this planet jumping a solid 4 inches off the ground. You could fit a whole Drake, well you know, under that. Guy just loves to act like a normal human being and talk shit. Works just fine in my book.