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A Tale As Old As Time: Nevada Brothel Offering Free "Sextravaganza" For Winning Super Bowl Team

Source - The winner of Super Bowl LVIII could grab the Lombardi Trophy AND a whole lot of booty ... 'cause TMZ Sports has learned a Nevada brothel is offering the Big Game's winner a "sextravaganza" -- free of charge!

Two workers at the famed Chicken Ranch brothel, Alice Little and Addison Gray, tell us bookings for their services have skyrocketed this week due to Las Vegas' Super Bowl festivities ... and in order to thank the NFL for it all, they've come up with an offer that the Niners or Chiefs will be hard-pressed to turn down if they win on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

The two say whoever gets the dub will have access to a "no-holds-barred orgiastic blowout" at the establishment's 40-acre campus.

Thank you, ladies. Your service and sacrifice does not go unnoticed. That said, I'm not sure how many Super Bowl winners will be making the quick two hour post-game drive from Las Vegas to the desert of Pahrump, Nevada...but you never know. Here's what Alice and Addison had to say...

"It's only right that we play our part and express our sincere appreciation to this year’s champions for their invaluable contribution to our industry," Gray said.

"If any player would like to invite his wife or girlfriend, many of our ladies specialize in threesomes, orgies and swinger sessions," Gray said. "All guests, male and female, are welcome to participate."

The two tell us sex is not mandatory for the special deal ... saying the winning team can just pull up to party away from the Vegas chaos if they choose. "We're going to treat the Big Game winners like the gridiron gods they are," Little said.

I feel like one of these deals comes out every Super Bowl and the only person to ever take them up on it was Lamar Odom. Except that wasn't after the Super Bowl it was on a Tuesday afternoon. Regardless, the package includes a swimming pool, bungalow, free limo, an open bar, and over 40 acres to fuck on. Oh don't confuse the Chicken Ranch brothel with the Moonlight Bunny Ranch Brothel. There is no AirForce Amy or Isabella Soprano. Madam Suzette will not be opening up the door alongside Dennis Hof (RIP). It's the self proclaimed "most successful legal companion in America" in Alice Little "curator of dreams" Addison Gray. Which is fine, but I just wanted to make that clear. 

Annyyyywhooooo, apparently the ladies have been preparing for this moment for weeks...

Meanwhile, the place's COO, Will Paccione, says he's anticipating "a sizable uptick" no matter what happens on the gridiron this weekend … and he tells us his workers are putting in overtime at the gym to prep for the influx of customers -- whether they're NFL players or not.

In the words of the YingYang twins, "get it right, get it tight." You know what they say - summer bodies are made in the winter. Hopefully everything works out and these ladies are flush with cash come Monday Morning. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.