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Hero: A Supercross Rider Finished a Race with His Balls Hanging Out

Unlike Drake's leaked video, this mans balls were CLEAR to see! Shoutout Cameron McAdoo for being an absolute legend and finishing a race with his balls hanging out the entire time. That takes balls! Lol! This all went down at the start of the 250SX East event in Detroit. Cameron took a handlebar to the crotch after getting caught in a pileup at the beginning of the race. It ripped his pants WIDE OPEN! Did that stop him? Absolutely not. 

He finished 15th in the race, which is pretty impressive. It would've been awesome though if he came in first with just his balls hanging out. What a sight to see. I feel like any other person would run off the course and change their pants. If it was a girl??? That would be a whole different story. I don't think any girl would do a supercross race with her vageen out. A titty out? Maybe. 

Shoutout Cameron McAdoo for being a good sport. Bully heart. Nothing will stop this man from crossing the finish line.