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Ultimate Florida Man Attempts To Do Donuts With His Pick-Up Truck In The Ocean, Claims It's "Not His Fault His Truck Don't Surf"

NY Post- A wild video shows the moment a pickup truck plowed into the ocean at a Florida beach that was closed to traffic — with the clueless driver later trying to justify his antics by telling deputies that it was not his fault “the truck don’t surf.” At the time of his arrest Tuesday, Jason Brzuszkiewicz, 49, also bizarrely claimed that he thought he was in England — and asked a deputy, “Are we not in Kansas anymore?” Brzuszkiewicz was busted in New Smyrna Beach around 9 a.m., after the Volusia County Sheriff’s office said he drove around a closed gate with a “Do Not Enter” sign without paying a toll fee, and proceeded onto the beach, which was off limits to cars at that time because the tide was too high. Footage recorded by a bystander and shared by the sheriff’s office on Facebook shows Brzuszkiewicz’s vehicle driving into the frothing surf, with waves repeatedly smashing into the driver’s side. At one point, the driver is seen attempting to do a donut, before bringing the vehicle to a stop facing the horizon.

The art of the "Florida Man" seems to be a recurring not only on Barstool Sports, but on the internet in general as we constantly are entertained by the most utterly ridiculous news stories possible coming out of the great state of Florida as folks down there traverse from the coastlines all through the Everglades and all the way into the inland which is where the REAL shit goes down 9/10 times though this one is different. Each time you hear a new Florida man story you think you've heard it all until you hear about a man trying to do DONUTS in his PICK-UP TRUCK in the OCEAN during HIGH TIDE!!!!!!! It was high tide!!!!

Now before I really get into this I want to preface this by saying I read the whole article and there was no mention of the driver being intoxicated as I'd never want to promote that kind've behavior, so i think Jason Brzuszkiewicz is just a full-blown Florida daredevil? He's out there for the love of the game hitting the waves claiming claims only a truly seasoned Florida man could say. At one point he's quoting The Wizard of Oz, at one point he's saying he though the was in England (as if this kind of behavior is acceptable in England????), and best of all he's saying it ain't his fault his truck don't surf! And can you really blame him? It was a Florida morning on high tide, the perfect time to shred some gnar!!!

You can check the video for yourself here. Ya sure ain't seeing that in Nebraska.