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Father Of The Year: Coach Cal's Motivation To Kick Vanderbilt's Ass Was Looking Across The Court And Seeing His Son On Their Coaching Staff

[Source] - After Kentucky’s 109-77 win in Memorial Gym, John Calipari was asked if Vanderbilt beating the Cats in last season’s SEC Tournament provided any added motivation.

“No. No. My son being on that staff was.'

I say this as a father of 2 boys, this is just a good life lesson. First time Coach Cal went up against Brad and it's only fitting that Kentucky kicked Vandy's ass. It should be motivation. I don't want to live in a world where one of my boys beat me in something, unless it's sports and they are getting scholarships. That's the only acceptable time for me to lose to one of them in something. My 4-year old? Beat his ass 42-0 in Tecmo Bowl the other day. Pass the sticks, kid. 

Here's what I do know. If Brad is a good son, he'll find a way onto other benches during the NCAA Tournament. If this is what Kentucky looks like because Cal is motivated to beat his son, he needs to help him out here. Vandy sucks, no one will argue that. So in order to be at the NCAA Tournament, Brad needs to disguise himself and get hired by all of Kentucky's opponents. Path to title number 9 right there. 

I'm not going to brag about beating Vanderbilt. It's what's supposed to happen. Do it against Gonzaga and then do it again against Alabama and Auburn and we can talk again that way. This is a blog about fathers and sons. It's about knowing, as a father, when to quit and when to refuse to do anything competitive against your son again. That tends to be the moment they blow by you on the driveway in a 1-on-1 game. That first step goes, the Mark Jackson backdown doesn't work as much and it's time to fake a back injury. 

Father of the Year in February is a good step to (for the love of all things holy) coach of the year in March and the 1st weekend in April.