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Calvin Johnson Says He Used To Smoke Weed Before Games To “Get His Mind Right”

Big W here for the weed community. As a ganja smoker myself I’d be lying if every time an elite athlete comes out and says he smokes in general or gets high before games I do one of these memes internally.

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As if myself and Megatron have literally anything in common besides the fact that we both have smoked a little kush in our day. We’re literal genetic opposites. Couldn’t be more different. He’s one of the greatest of all-time at catching footballs and I’m one of the greatest of all-time at eating cheeseburgers. I’d probably still underwhelm on my end. In terms of the best WRs I’ve ever seen personally easily it’s Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. 2/3 confirmed weed smokers. 

As he says in the clip It may have been just his last season that he was smoking before games, but in 2015 (his final season) Calvin Johnson had 88 catches for 1,214 yards and 9 TDs. Pretty damn good season. Some pretty…….. (wait for it)

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HIGH numbers if ya ask me! 

Just fucking crushed that dad joke. 

All joking aside I’m really glad this is becoming more accepted and more guys are comfortable vocalizing it publicly because it‘s such a safer/better alternative to chronically addictive prescription painkillers. Shoutout to one of the greats of the sport just tokin’ a lil reefer to get himself right before a game. In hindsight, how could you be as good as he was and play an entire career with the Lions in that time period and not need to get high to get through those games? Fuck all the stats he put up and all the amazing plays he made, he earned his NFL Hall of Fame induction just by not getting high before games the first eight seasons of his career. The fact that it took him until year nine to break out the devil’s lettuce before a matchup with the Packers knowing he was gonna ball out and they still were gonna get their brains beat in is more impressive than anything he achieved on the field.  I wish Megatron all the best in retirement and would be remissed to not say it would be a honor to share a joint with the legend.