Friendly Reminder That You Are An Un-American Piece Of Garbage If You Are Rooting Against Andy Reid In The Super Bowl

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

There are still some moronic Eagles fans out there who hold a resentment towards Andy Reid for the fact that he wasn't able to get the job done during his time here in Philly. There are still some moronic football fans in general out there who are growing sick and tired of the Chiefs winning every year. 

All I have to say is that if you find yourself rooting against Andrew Walter Reid this week, you are an enemy of the state. Because this man is as American made as they come. 

ESPN -- Mahomes thinks it'll be a while before Reid is turning his attention to his bucket list full time.

"Other than spending time with his grandkids, he doesn't do any of that stuff," Mahomes said. "He's all about football and cheeseburgers."

Football and cheeseburgers, baby. That's what Andy Reid does, that's what Andy Reid believes in, and that's what Andy Reid will continue fighting for every day for the rest of his life. Because that's the American way. 

Imagine rooting for some pretty boy who gets his own customized flat brimmed hats made to wear on the sidelines. Kyle Shanahan is a guy who will order a salad for dinner. He's a guy who will ruin your friend group's order at the bar by being the only dude to order a vodka soda in a round full of beers. Is that really the guy you want to see lead his team to the promised land? Take that shit to Europe, buddy. I'm sure there's an Premier League soccer team out there who could use a new manager. 

Football and cheeseburgers is a platform you could run on and win a damn Presidential election.