Taylor Swift Doesn't Even Crack The Top 30 List Of Celebrities Who Used Private Jets The Most In 2023

Where are all the twitter activists now coming for Taylor's private jet usage? Politely shutting the fuck up somewhere? This woman had a full year long tour, traveled back to NYC every chance she got to record in between, got a boyfriend in Kansas City, and STILL she has not even cracked the top 30 celebrities who traveled the most via private jet in 2023. Which leads me to believe that, as usual, everyone just wants to find an excuse to hate on Taylor. We have TRAVIS SCOTT, a man who ignored people dying at his own concert, somehow taking more flights than ELON MUSK, but we're talking about Taylor Swift?? In fact we have THREE people from the Kardashian compound (Travis, Kim and Kylie) all breaking the top ten, but where's their headlines? Where the fuck is Spielberg going this often? And TYLER PERRY? And don't think I didn't catch Jay Z and Beyonce's name up there.....again, somehow none of these people get mentioned, but Taylor Swift, who isn't even in the CONVERSATION, is taking the blame for these people's carbon footprint. 

It's truly shocking how the tides change on popularity for people based on jealousy alone. People are jealous of Taylor. They hate how successful she is, they're scared of the power she seems to have, and they want to see her fail so they can project their miserable lives onto her. Sorry your life sucks! Sorry you can't appreciate someone's hard work and dedication to her craft! Sorry that everyone on earth is interested in what she's doing, and NOBODY is interested in you! It's fucking insane. Did we learn NOTHING from 2017?