'He's Sooner Nation' - Porter Moser Brought Out A Red Solo Cup And Delivered An Incredible Tribute About Toby Keith After Beating No. 21 BYU

We know that yesterday Toby Keith passed away after battling stomach cancer. Fuck cancer. You can read Dante's blog about Keith's career and life here: 

But one could argue there was nothing Toby Keith loved more than Oklahoma sports. He was there for basketball games, baseball games, football games, you name it. So, fittingly, Oklahoma was at home last night hosting No. 21 BYU. Great gesture bringing out a guitar, red solo cup and the famous OU hat. But it's what happened after the game that stuck out to me. Let me be more specific, what happened after the Oklahoma ass kicking that stuck out to me. 

Sums everything up about Toby Keith perfectly by Moser. I'm not sure anyone will ever be more synonymous with a cup than Toby Keith and a red solo cup. Even better and more fitting for last night's game? It was $2 beer night at Oklahoma. Come on, there was no way Oklahoma was losing that game playing in memory of Toby Keith. You don't have $2 beer night, dedicate a game to a man who lived and breathed Oklahoma sports and lose. But this is a damn impressive press conference by Moser. 

I still loved when Toby showed up to a bar at Oklahoma State with Barry Switzer. Bought some shots and then led the bar in what I think is his best song

Dude just loved the Sooners. Didn't matter the sport, didn't matter what was going on there, he was Sooner Nation like Porter Moser says.