James Dolan Reportedly Won't Let Rangers Trade Their 1st Round Pick Since Draft Is At The Sphere In Vegas This Summer

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The Rangers have been off to a pretty great season so far this year. They're currently in 1st place in the Metro division, 3rd in the conference, and look primed to make a deep run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They're a team that 100% should be buying at the trade deadline. Doing whatever they can to take advantage of this current roster they have and take a real shot at the Cup. Bring in a couple of rentals, find some guys out there who can really bolster that lineup for playoff hockey. Like when current Ranger, Barclay Goodrow, was traded for a 1st round pick to the Lightning in 2020 and was a huge reason why the Bolts went on to win back-to-back Stanley Cups. As the old adage goes, you need to spend money to make money. 

Unfortunately for the Rangers, however, they are being operated by an egomaniac who doesn't actually care about winning championships. They're being operated by a man with the most severe case of Main Character Syndrome you ever did see. A guy who will manage to make everything about himself, even if it's the NHL Trade Deadline. They're operated by James Dolan. 

Elias Lindholm went to Vancouver for a 2024 1st round pick, a conditional 4th rounder, and Andrei Kuzmenko. Sean Monahan went to the Jets for a 2024 1st round pick and a conditional 3rd rounder in 2027. The Rangers need more scoring depth, and you're not getting that with anything less than a 1st round pick in this market. I don't know if teams have decided that the 2024 Draft class just isn't that deep, or if the market just took off like crazy right out of the gates. But teams are showing no signs of clutching onto those 2024 1st round picks…aside from the Rangers. 

All because the draft is going to be at the Sphere this coming June, and James Dolan doesn't want the night to pass by without his Rangers stepping up to the podium and making a selection with the 25th pick. He's risking a potential run at the Cup this year just so Chris Drury can show up to the Sphere on the first night of the draft to take some kid who is currently 17-years-old and James Dolan has never even heard of. How is Chris Drury even supposed to do his job at this trade deadline if his hands are tied like that? 

As someone who despises the Rangers and wishes nothing but ill will upon that team, it's beautiful and inspiring to watch James Dolan sabotage this organization from the top. A meddling owner completely fucking his own team out of a chance to compete for a championship because he cares about himself too much. I don't know how or why I was blessed with people like James Dolan and Jerry Jones in my life, but I thank god every morning when I wake up that they exist.