Kelvin Sampson Getting Ejected After Going Absolutely Bonkers Up 20 Is A Hilarious Watch

I thought I saw without a shadow of a doubt the ejection of the year last week with Chris Collins, and I thought it would be a while before we had anything that would rival it. I was wrong. Kelvin Sampson mad a run at the crown tonight, and he came hard (pause). 

Now there's a few things to address here. I think there will be a few people who come at Sampson for getting tossed up 20 but there's  very clearly two offensive fouls on this possession and I never bought the old "change your whistle via the score" myth that a lot of people seem to follow. If there's a foul in the first 2 minutes or the last two minutes you should call it, so I'm on Sampson's side for flipping out on the no calls. Also there was still 15 minutes left in the game and while anyone with a brain knew Houston was going to win the game, you cannot rule out wild shit happening in that there was enough time for wild shit to happen so Sampson has every right to coach his team until the game is safe.

Anyway ... back to the ejection. As near perfect as it gets. I rated this a 9.7 as far as ejections go. The walk out on the court, the quick change from yelling at the one official to BERATING the next official that pops up in his view is textbook lunacy behavior. Just a perfect execution of a guy willing to give it to anyone in his way. He loses some points for not having to walk past the opposing bench where he could have shook hands with the coach like Collins did, and he didn't try to pump up the home crowd on the way out, but nonetheless just as great of an ejection as you will see. Absolutely fucking loved everything about this. Need more ejections from coaches if they will all be like Collins or Sampson.