Check The Timestamps: US Soccer Player Duncan McGuire's Deal To Play In England Was Denied Because The Team Forgot To Hit Submit On The Paperwork

We know the transfer portal is all everyone can talk about in college sports here in America. Allow me to bring to you the soccer transfer deadline. More importantly, allow me to teach anyone younger than me the lesson in double checking your work. Meet Duncan McGuire, he's 23-years old, played for Orlando and could be in our USMNT future. Pretty important fella! 

He was supposed to be playing for Blackburn Rovers over in England. They had a deal and the whole crazy road is in the article above. Making flights, getting there in time, falling through, back on. But the part that finally denied it all? The submit button. 

[Source] - Blackburn officials remained silent on the subject of the McGuire deal. But The Athletic revealed on Saturday evening that the player was in limbo once more due to an administrative error.

Although numerous documents relating to the McGuire transfer were signed and uploaded onto the EFL’s online player registration system well before the transfer deadline on Thursday evening, some of the paperwork had not been submitted in time. It was there on the system, but not submitted.

How do you not hit submit?!? We're not talking about bloggers or college students or some guy just trying to get to 5pm in the cubes. We're talking about a professional soccer club forgetting to hit submit on a transfer. You gotta be - dare I said - INCOMPETENT for that to happen. And in the words of another political blogger, golf content machine, CHECK THE TIMESTAMPS. 

Blackburn requested special dispensation on the basis that they had signed and attempted to submit all the documents in good faith ahead of the deadline.

There's a hearing in a couple days for an appeal. Feels like a no-brainer. But then again, how do you reward stupidity? I want Duncan McGuire to play where he wants to play, but you can't reward Blackburn here. It's not hard to make sure you submit everything when that's your job. No word on if it was a Friday or anything, but still, do your job. Do your job. You got a man running to make flights, probably dealing with people taking shoes off and reclining on him and gets to England just to find out he's denied a transfer because some moron didn't hit submit. Brutal, brutal beat.

The lesson as always here - click the buttons. Save your work is what we were taught growing up because you never knew when something would get unplugged or some desktop computer would just freeze. That wheel of death still haunts me. Maybe give everything a look over? Seems like there are simple solutions here.