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CORRECTION: Will Compton And Taylor Lewan, Bright Stars Among Men, Are Closer Friends With Shane Gillis Than We Thought

Joe Scarnici. Getty Images.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog ranking Shane Gillis' closest friends at Barstool. My list was as follows:

Shane Gillis' Closest Friends Who Work For Barstool Sports

7) Caleb

6) Big Cat

5) Will Compton/Taylor Lewan

4) KFC/Feits

3) Sas

2) Rone 

1) Francis 

In the time since publication, I've learned that some of my information was flawed. Not only are Will Compton and Taylor Lewan closer friends with Shane Gillis than I had originally thought; they are outspoken advocates for the revival of guy pride, the flag-bearers for whatever the opposite of toxic masculinity is. Their championing of "the bros" should be lauded as a beacon of hope for men who feel lost or underrepresented in these anti-male times. 

It's no secret that the world has been unkind to men lately. Guys are the bad guys, we're told. Article after article, documentary after documentary, men are cast as villains, cult-leaders, murderers… our general masculinity characterized as "toxic." Perhaps in response, the burly, beer-chugging brawler paradigm has been replaced by a shawl-collared sweater bitch who worships at the cult of wellness. And I'm not talking ice baths—those are straight. I'm talking replacing your black coffee with matcha, identifying as "sober-curious," a half-hour of barefoot grounding each morning, and trading your deadlift hex bar for wind chimes.  

Andrew Tate tried to stop the slide and was arrested for eating pizza in Hungary. Who was left to lead our fight song? 

Enter Will Compton and Taylor Lewan. Guys' guys, through and through. I spoke harshly of them in my blog yesterday but that was me lashing out to hide my insecurity that they, likely, are closer friends with Shane Gillis than I am. Men should support other men. We need to have each other's backs in these dark times. I did not, and I failed. 

In sum, Will and Taylor are Shane's closest friends at Barstool. Also, we should follow their lead as men. 

PS: I have no idea what the fuck I'm writing right now. I'm waiting to take off for Phoenix to meet the Foreplay guys, and with every other important person at the company gone to Vegas ahead of the Superbowl, it is highly unlikely that anything I write will amount to shit. I just don't want Will or Taylor to beat the shit out of me the next time I see them because 1) I genuinely like them and 2) they're gigantic.