"I'd Wet My Pants" -- A Real John Tortorella Quote That Needs No Context

It always amazes me how many incredible athletes seemingly don't give a single shit about the sport they play. I mean, sure, there are guys out there like Sidney Crosby who are so hyper focused on hockey that it's seemingly the only thing in their life that they care about. But then you have others who probably don't even look at a hockey stick unless they're at the rink for practice or a game. Guys who are so good at playing the game but want nothing to do with it after they take their skates off for the day. 

For example, I can't imagine Pierre-Luc Dubois even acknowledges that hockey exists the moment he leaves the rink. 

I guess the point I'm getting at here is that some guys are just good at the game, but other guys truly love the game. They obsess over it. They go to sleep thinking about all the things they could have done differently on the ice, and wake up thinking about all the plays they can go out there and make later in the day. 

If Cam York and Jamie Drysdale are guys who are 100% in love with the game? If they're talking about snapping the puck tape-to-tape to spring a breakout while enjoying some roasted Brussels sprouts and splitting a bottle of red? Then John Tortorella would wet his pants. No confirmation either way if it would be urine or another bodily fluid. But the pants wouldn't be dry regardless. But if he finds out they're just talking about Dua Lipa's dress at the Grammy's and the latest season of True Detective, then I guess the opposite of that reaction would be shitting his pants. Don't make John Tortorella shit his pants.