This Morning Some Mad Man Was Riding On Top Of The Red Line Going Full Speed

(CBS News) Video circulating online shows a man on top of a CTA Red Line train as the train moves next to the Dan Ryan Expressway.

Chicago Transit Authority officials said they are looking into the incident. Meanwhile, transportation experts said it is concerning – and for more reasons than the obvious one concerning safety.

The experts said such videos send a message of lawlessness – which is not good for Chicago's public transit system.

CTA trains travel at speeds up to 55 miles an hour. It is unclear how fast a Red Line car was moving as a man train surfed near the 69th Street stop on the Red Line.

Police dispatch audio indicated that the man was riding on top of a southbound train, and the operator was not aware at the time. The incident happened last week, and video was posted online.

We joke around a lot around here about Chicago being the "wild wild West", with all the lawlessness, gun violence, and whatnot. But maybe it's not so much a joke after all? 

No idea why this gentlemen took to the top of the rail car today, maybe it was too crammed on the way to work during rush hour? Maybe somebody ripped ass and he needed some fresh air? Maybe he was eluding Indiana Jones?

Literally nothing in this city can surprise us anymore.

p.s. - top ten train top fights from movies video. laughed at #1