Buckingham Palace Has Released A Statement That King Charles Has Cancer

Damn. After heading into surgery for his prostate a few weeks ago, King Charles announces he has cancer. We don't know what kind, we don't know what stage, we just know that he's getting treatment for it. Charles is 75, doesn't seem to be in great health, but it sounds like everyone is remaining positive. 

Not to be morbid, but this kind of news isn't encouraging for ANYONE to hear, let alone the King of England. Prince William is next up, ready to take over if Charles is no longer able to do the job, and I have a feeling he'll be a lot more in the mix the coming weeks/months. I'll say this, too - I feel bad for William. Like, very bad. He's been pulled in 100 different directions his whole life, he has no idea what reality is, and now his father is sick and he may have a MASSIVE lifelong burden ahead of him, a lot sooner than expected. I know everyone shits on these people (myself included, when the occasion arises) but you have to hope this all works out okay for them.