Gonzaga Might Not Make The NCAA Tournament For The First Time Since 1999 And I Don't Think Anyone Gives A Shit

I had this thought Saturday night while watching St.Mary's vs Gonzaga, that for the first time in my life, Gonzaga might not be in the NCAA Tournament, and the more I thought about it, the more I didn't give a shit. Now let me first say I have watched Gonzaga's entire run from darling Cinderella to national power. I remember watching their first run to an Elite 8 in 1999, in the most awful uniforms possible. 

I remember when Adam Morrison had his heart broken 

all the way to Gonzaga being favored in a National Championship game 

From Cinderella to favorite, I've seen it all from The Zags and I have come to the conclusion that I'm, as well as most of the country are only interested in them when they fall into one of those two buckets .. .cinderella or favorite. I will also say, that it's been way too long now for them to ever be considered a Cinderella again. If they got a bad seed it would be like UNC or Kentucky or Duke getting a bad seed, they are a power program who had a bad year. Never would you expect them to be considered as Cinderella, those days are gone. Which leaves the other option … the favorite. 

I really do think people love to watch Gonzaga when they are on top of the mountain, I also think people for whatever reason love to watch them fall. Which means that unless Gonzaga is out in front of the pack, their place in the tournament doesn't matter one way or the other. Like this year for example, I don't really care if they get in or not because they have no juice. The juice with Gonzaga was when they were shocking the world (which we'll never get again) or talking yourself into this being the year they can win a national championship and watching it go up in flames. That's when they move the needle. This year they are just another team, and it's depressing to say the least. Give us Gonzaga as a favorite or don't give us them at all.