Jim Boeheim Is Sick And Tired Of Joe Lunardi's Bullshit, Ignites A War Against Nerds Everywhere

Nothing cracks me up more than seeing college basketball coaches or people around college basketball attack Joe Lunardi. They think he holds the keys to who gets in the NCAA Tournament. The man has become a household name strictly because he tries to predict brackets. It's incredible really when you think about it. Now there's a million bracketologists, a whole site dedicated to every bracketologist and ranks them even. You'd be shocked to know Lunardi is not ranked No. 1. The whole thing is outrageous considering you get 32 auto bids and really it's just figuring out who gets in between like 9 teams. 

For a second I really think Boeheim was back in the coaching world. He just assumed Syracuse was on the bubble like they lived forever with him as a head coach. Probably took a glance and saw no Syracuse on Lunardi's bracket and was ready for a war. The ACC isn't a good conference. That's just a fact. UNC and Duke, we know who they are. But then you're talking about Virginia I guess as the 3rd best team? The team that lost to Notre Dame? Okay. Florida State or Wake Forest or Miami. Florida State should be automatically banned from the NCAA Tournament for losing to Louisville. Same for Miami. NC State's fine, I guess, their best wins are against Wake and Virginia. 

You get the point. 

That said, Boeheim hitting Lunardi with blind man analytics is perfect. Boom, roasted. Everywhere we look now it's analytics this and analytics that. You think Jim Boeheim gives a flying fuck about analytics? Nope. This is what Boeheim should be doing in retirement though. He's calling games and stuck watching some of these bad ACC teams. Just start a fight against Joe Lunardi. Nobody was grumpier than Boeheim on the sidelines. He picked a fight with Greensboro, North Carolina - a city. Nerds everywhere are on alert with Boeheim ready to strike.