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"Part Of The Game, Innit?" Riyad Mahrez Had No Time For His Wife Being Sad About Moving To Saudi Arabia

Riyad Mahrez spent the past 10 years in England playing in the Premier League. The winger won the league once with Leicester City and four times with Manchester City. After winning the treble with City in 2023, he was one of the football stars who was sold to the blossoming Saudi Pro League. 

In 2022, Mahrez got married to Taylor Ward (daughter of retired footballer Ashley Ward). They got married for a 2nd time (?????) this past September:

Ward and Mahrez are featured in an upcoming reality TV series on Amazon Prime which follows WAGs of pro footballers called "Married To The Game." I must say I am excited to watch this show. Nothing like some WAG drama. The clip above is from a teaser for the show, which includes the conversation surrounding Mahrez's move to Al-Ahli. 

"Part of the game, innit" is such a wild response to your crying wife. Mahrez is slated to make 73 million pounds this year in Saudi, think he cares about his wife not having the local WAGs around? Of course not. Time to get the bag. Or as Mahrez puts it, "part of the game innit?" Innnit is such a funny phrase. Always gets a laugh out of me. 

Now I don't necessarily blame Taylor for being sad. Life in Saudi is A LOT different from life in London. The mass exodus of players to Saudi has not necessarily gone to plan, specifically for those who were used to living in England (i.e. Jordan Henderson). The league is struggling to find any popularity, but I'm not sure Saudi cares. They have unlimited money and will be sinking it into these sports until the end of time. 

Anyways, I'm sure Taylor has adjusted: