Turns Out That 54 Holes Is A Perfectly Acceptable Amount Of Holes To Declare A Golf Tournament Winner

Tracy Wilcox. Getty Images.

First off, I'll never be able to see a picture of Wyndham Clark and not think he looks like the evolved version of Bob Does Sports. Like the Charmeleon to Bob's Charmander. But I digress. 

Wyndham Clark picked up his 3rd career win on tour this past weekend at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am. That sick son of a bitch carded a 60 on Saturday and was at -17 through 54 holes. He recently talked about why he declined an offer to join LIV, stating that he wanted to continue building his legacy on the PGA Tour. A legacy that hopefully includes plenty of gutsy, big-time performances on Sundays to win golf tournaments. 

Wasn't the case this past weekend at Pebble. 

Listen. I know these guys can't control the weather. But someone high up with the PGA Tour at least has to try in this case. Everybody is finally starting to come around on LIV. Everybody realized it was always just about the money. The reason certain players were leaving for LIV and the reason why certain players were so staunchly against LIV. Everything had to do with money and control of the game. But if there was one small argument against LIV remaining, it's the fact that a 72-hole tournament with cuts deserves more weight on world rankings than a 54-hold tournament with no cuts. 

You can't sit back and let some rain drops stop you from playing that 4th and final round. Hurricane conditions or not, you gotta send those players out there and make them earn it. If the PGA Tour marched all those guys out there in the middle of a monsoon because they need to defend the sanctity of a 72-hole tournament, that would be metal as fuck. That would be, as the kids these days say, standing on business. It would prove the PGA Tour is for legitimate golf sickos, and LIV is just for guys who want to kick back. And if Pebble doesn't want these guys tearing up their course during a storm, then just go Field of Dreams style and play the final round at the nearest muni. If 72-holes is your hill to die on, you defend the shit out of that hill.