Happy Anniversary To The Greatest Super Bowl Ever Played

That is correct. 6 years ago today we saw the Hungry Dogs led by Big Dick Nick run faster than ever. What a glorious day for humanity. 

Obviously there's hometown bias here, but Super Bowl 52 was objectively a Top-5 Big Game of all-time. It really did have it all. Storylines ahoy with the Pats Dynasty going for another ring vs. a backup QB and a team riddled with injuries. Offense and action all over the place. It's the only Super Bowl in history that had over 1000+ yards of total offense. Shit, Tommy Terriffic Brady threw for over 500 and had 3(!!) receivers go for 115+ yards yet still lost. Bottom line if you didn't at least find this Super Bowl the peak of sports entertainment then you've either got a huge dump in your pants or Old Balls. Possibly both.